Tax Refund Number

Tax Refund Number 0843 455 0092.

Filing For Tax Rebate: How And When.
A tax refund – or tax return – refers to the process in which a taxpayer is written a government-issued cheque meant to reimburse an overpayment of income taxes. This overpayment is no fault of the taxpayer as it is taken out automatically of each pay cheque the person in question receives. Those seeking tax refund who are unsure of exactly what to do can call the HMRC Tax Office number and have a government agent assist you to process your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tax Refunds.

Q: What are the most common reasons for filing a tax refund?
A: The overwhelming majority of people choose to complete what is called a “self-assessment”. This is where the taxpayer will analyse both their paid and due taxes for the last fiscal year. Upon completion, they will send their findings to the proper government office.

Q: How do I file a refund?
A: Self-assessments may be filed in ways: through the mail (paper tax return), or online (online tax return). Many choose to go to the latter route for the sake of convenience.

Tax Rebate Phone Number 0843 455 0092.

Q: When should I file a refund claim?
A: Those registering for a self-assessment for the last fiscal year should do so on or before the 5th of October. Those sending in their return claims by mail have until the midnight of 31 October of that same calendar year. Those filing online have until that same date, but a year later.

Q: Where do I go for more help?
A: Currently, the official tax rebate number in the UK is 0843 455 0092, as well as the international tax rebate number for those calling from outside of the UK, is +44 843 455 0092. Government agents will be pleased to help you with any further issues. Lines are open from 8 am – 8 pm, Mon to Fri 8 am – 4 pm Saturdays. Click here to download a Tax Refund form, use the address below to return the form. see what Martin Lewis has to say about claiming tax back if you work for the NHS.

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Tax Office Number 0843 455 0092.

Tax Refund Helpline Numbers.

Tax Refund Number0843 455 0092
PAYE Phone Number0843 455 0044
Office AddressHM Revenue & Customs.
Pay As You Earn.
PO Box 1970,
L75 1WX.
Office HoursMonday to Friday – 8 am to 10 pm,
Saturdays – 8 am to 4 pm
Sundays Closed

Tax Refund Number