Tax Credits Number

Tax Credits Number 0843 455 0127.

Tax Credits Number

What You Should Know About Tax Credits in the UK.

An individual residing in the UK. Is eligible to receiving working tax credit if he/she is between the age group 16-24 and has a qualifying disability or a child. Individuals above 25 years of age are also eligible to receive working tax credit, irrespective of whether they have children or not. The Tax Credits number can come in handy when you have questioned about claiming Tax Credits. In order to be able to claim this benefit, you need to fulfil three criteria: work for a specified number of hours each week, receive remuneration for the work done or expected to be done by you and finally, have an income or salary which is below a certain level.

Now, an individual does not necessarily have to work for an employer or a company, the term ‘work’ in the context of Tax Credits is quite flexible. It can also refer to self-employment or a mixture of working for someone else and self-employment.

An average working individual would qualify to receive £1960 per annum. Of course, the exact Working Tax Credits figure would vary from one individual to another. Depending upon the income and circumstances of the individual in question. In order to figure out exactly how much working tax credit you will be receiving you can either get your queries answered through the Tax Credits number or you can go the DIY way, i.e. use the tax credits calculator and work out the amount for yourself. This calculator is available to the general public and can be accessed from the official website of the Government of UK.

Tax Credit Contact Number 0843 455 0127.

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One of the facts about working tax credit. Are that most people are unaware that you can apply for Tax Credit even if you are leaving, or about to start working in a new company. It is important to note that Tax Credits and Universal Credit cannot be claimed simultaneously. So you’ll need to make up your mind about which is more important to you so that you can claim it first. Individuals are generally paid from the date of the claim up to the end of the tax year, i.e. 5th April. The amount is credited directly to the bank accounts or the building society accounts of the qualifying individuals. In a case of couples, they must settle on a single account in which the money would be paid.

For couples applying for tax credit together, they can receive up to £2010 each year. In a case of single parents, the amount remains the same. In a case of individuals having a disability, £2970 can be received in the form of tax credits. For those with severe disability, a maximum of £1275 can be obtained in addition to the disability payment. Working individuals who work a minimum of thirty hours each week are eligible to receive up to £810 per annum. Individuals who pay for approved childcare can receive up to £122.50 a week for one child and up to £210 a week for two or more children.

Tax Credit Number 0843 455 0127.

Tax Credits can be affected by a lot of factors pertaining to one’s work life and family life. For instance, when starting a new job, when a partner dies, when fired from work and so on. IF your circumstances change, it is your duty to report the changes to the UK Tax Credit Office. You can report this by calling them up at the Tax Credit number and then visiting their office to drop the necessary documents and paperwork supporting your report.

You can use the Tax Credits calculator here.
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