Groupon Contact Number

Groupon Customer Service 0843 455 0055.

Groupon Customer service

Groupon is one of the most popular online marketplaces, offering discounted products and services. This article provides details regarding Groupon and includes information about what to do if you have Groupon complaints, or require the Groupon contact number.

Are there any other ways to contact Groupon?

Groupon also offers customers the chance to get into contact with feedback, complaints, or enquiries via live chat. The live chat feature is located on Groupon’s website. And can be located once you have chosen the appropriate option in the ‘Help Wizard‘. To access the live chat feature. Select the options from the drop-down menus that correspond to your enquiry or query. Then the ‘Help Wizard’ will generate a suggestion to solve your issue. If you wish to complain, then you can select ‘general questions and feedback’, from the first drop down menu. Then ‘I have feedback about Groupon’, from the second menu item. You should then click, ‘No, I still need help’, when asked ‘Did this resolve your issue?’. This will then allow you to click the ‘chat’ button and get in touch with the live chat team.

I don’t like live chat, do Groupon have an email address?

Some people may prefer to detail with their complaint or enquiry by email instead of using the live chat feature. This option may be quicker. If you only have a short complaint or enquiry and will eliminate having to go through the ‘Help Wizard’. There is often a short wait on live chat, for a representative to become available. So you may prefer to email. To do this, you can contact:

Regardless of whether you have Groupon complaints or simple enquiries, the above information should allow you to get answers quickly. Groupon recognises their website can be confusing, so you may wish to phone the Groupon contact number for a quick resolution, this is the simplest form of contact.

Groupon Complaints 0843 455 0055.

I have a complaint, who should I contact?

If you have any issues regarding the service that you have received from Groupon or any queries in reference to your account, there are many ways to resolve this. The company website has an FAQ section available at This section provides answers to commonly asked questions and Groupon complaints, such as what to do if you have not received your item.

If you have not received your item from Groupon. The website suggests that you log into your online account and from there, you can track your order. Due to the nature of Groupon’s selling procedure, you should make sure that you have validated your Groupon voucher. And used this to purchase the appropriate items or service. Groupon allows customers to purchase a voucher, which can then be redeemed for the product or service that has been advertised at a discounted price. If you have not redeemed your voucher for the product that you wished to purchase, this may be why you have not received your item. If ‘view voucher’ is displayed in your account, instead of ‘track order’, then you will need to view the voucher and redeem this, before your item will be dispatched.

Groupon Customer Service.

If your account is showing that you are able to track your order on the other hand, then you will be able to see the status of your delivery. If your order is shown as delivered and you still have not received it, then you may wish to phone the Groupon contact number, which is: 0843 455 0055.

Groupon’s website provides a useful feature for customers wishing to resolve any issues that they may have. This feature is called the ‘Help Wizard’ and can be found under the ‘contact us’ section of the website. The ‘Help Wizard’ allows you to select any Groupon complaint or issue that you have from a drop-down menu of suggestions, to direct you to the correct means of contact. Customers can also use the FAQ section that is attached to the ‘Help Wizard’, for answers to questions such as, ‘I need to edit the shipping address on an order’, ‘I received the wrong item’, ‘How do I use my voucher?‘ and other account related issues.

Contact Information For Groupon.

Customer Services0843 455 0055
Head OfficeGroupon International Limited:
Lower Ground Floor.
Connaught House.
1 Burlington Road.
Dublin 4.
216410 Ireland.