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Two of the most widely sought company phone numbers in the UK would be the call routing service and the telephone directory.

If you need to get in touch with a specific company and you’ve tried all that is possible to obtain its number, from scouring its official website to researching on the web, but you’re still not able to find the same then you’d want to turn to us. We have already conducted all the research and done all the hard work for you, therefore, you can just call us instead and let our efficient customer service help you out!

Irrespective of what your need is, we can help you out by getting you in touch directly with a human customer care representative, and not a pre-recorded voice message. We have the contact details of all major active companies in the UK. In case a particular company does not have a customer service department then we will connect you directly to their board line number or their head office. Be warned, however, that companies who do not reveal their phone numbers are usually not appreciative of calls from their customers’ end.

Premium-rate contact numbers are quite expensive, so we can help you reach the company’s head office instead, which costs far less to call! Always shun premium-rate phone numbers. As for business-rate ones you can try them out if required. Hence, this leaves free or local-rate geographic numbers to be the most desirable.

Contact Number Prefixes Explained

There are certain things to keep in mind here, these are enumerated as under:
1. Freephone numbers are generally the ones starting from 0800. There is no call charge associated with these numbers if you call from a landline. From 1st July 2015 onwards, freephone numbers are free to call from mobile phones too.
2. For those calling using a mobile, geographic numbers (01, 02) and same rate numbers (03) often work out to be cheaper. However, Ofcom is in the process of resolving this matter.
3. For 08 or freephone numbers, most of the mobile networks do not include them within the free minutes allowances in their plans.

We work hard for finding contact numbers just so that you don’t need to do the same! Thus, the next time you’re looking for a number, you can always look up first!

Telephone Lists Mission.

Ever faced a problem with a website or a reputed high street store, thus leaving you fuming and wanting to have a word with their staff? Most of the times, the ‘Contact Us’ page of companies are filled with FAQs and there is no contact number in sight!

Sometimes it doesn’t really help even if you managed to get the phone number of the company because you’re answered by an awkward pre-programmed answering machine instead of a human on the other end.

Telephone Call Charges

It can also happen that you find a 0871 number, which costs 10p per minute to call from a landline but an excruciatingly expensive amount when calling from a mobile number. Until 1st July 2015, the so-called freephone 0800 numbers were very expensive to call for mobile phone users too, which is why companies are now offering an alternative solution: 03 numbers.

In fact, certain brands are cheeky enough to provide nothing but 09 numbers, which cost 1 pound per minute to call, even from a landline. These numbers are generally used by adult chat lines, scammers and so-called psychics.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this problem. There are umpteen people in the UK who wish to have the old-fashioned customer service but just can’t seem to find them. Most of the companies, be it broadband providers or loan sharks, have weak customer care departments, which leave people frustrated when they need help with a product. This is why our website is the best solution!

Thanks to us, you no longer need to scour the World Wide Web in search of the number you need. You can just sit back and consult us instead for the phone numbers that you need. Please note that our keynote service will cost 7p per minute and there are extra network charges. We direct our website users to contact UK companies through our hosted 0843 numbers, which automatically redirects to the number they need. Thus, even when the company’s number has changed, our number still stays functional.

Commonly Dialled Contact Numbers on Telephone Lists.

Some of the numbers you will find on this site are Natwest Contact NumberAsos Contact NumberArgos Phone NumberWorking Tax Credits Phone NumberGreen Flag Breakdown Number and Groupon just to name a few.